Zen medicine

18 September 2016
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18 September 2016, Comments: 0

Traditional Japanese medicine locates the vital centre that links the mind to the body’s motor capacities just below the navel.

Hakuin (1685-1768), a famous calligraphic painter and monk, once fell ill in his youth as a result of over zealousness in his ascetic exercises. Unable to find an effective remedy, he consulted the hermit Hakuyushi (1646-1709),  who taught him the concept of hara, the idea that spiritual energy must never be allowed to escape from the lower part of the body. so long as this does not happen, said Hakuyushi, health will be preserved and long life assured.

How to practice Zen medicine!!

1. Always maintain an erect cerebrospinal column with special attention in preserving the 4 curvatures of the spinal column.
2. Keep attention at the hara while focusing on your breath.
3. Apply psychic locks at the pelvic region throughout the practice of Zen.

For more information, students of ‘Budo’ may approach their masters on this subject. For non-practitioners of ‘Budo’, you may write to me maxwell@shorinjikempo.org.in.

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