So you think you can fight?

24 October 2014
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24 October 2014, Comments: 1

It is vital that you understand that fighting has little to do with self defense.  Fighting is about sheer naked aggression.  It is about hitting and beating and hurting, until one side or the other is no longer fit to continue.  That is not self defense – it is survival.  And in survival, there are no winners and no losers, only the wounded and the dead.

A defense consists of avoiding trouble, avoiding threat and avoiding fighting.  If you take reasonable care, and try to avoid situations that could put you at risk, then you are practicing good self-defense.

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The best form of self-defense is not to put yourself in the firing line, but obviously, however careful you are, you have to take chances sometimes.  There is plenty in Shorinji Kempo to show you how to fight to the best effect if you have to.  Men and women can, and must, learn to fight effectively, if they are to overcome the height, weight and strength advantages of men who are outside the law.

This is best done by tricks, and real smart tricks that uses the human anatomy and acupressure switches therein.  Learning to defend yourself can be done adequately by learning the methodology of Shorinji Kempo; break a grip, stop a strangle hold, and beat off the attacker.  But think how infinitely better off you would be not to have been attacked in the first place.

Self defense is about staying out of trouble rather than getting out of it.  This is the first lesson of self-defense, whether you are male or female.  Stay out of trouble.

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  1. C.V.Ramakrishnan says:

    Very True these tricks are very much needed to get out of fight every male and female should know Self Defence to protect our self & our family from unwanted

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