The Path, Return to the Origin - By Kaiso Doshin So

18 October 2013
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18 October 2013, Comments: 0

The motivation I had for starting Shorinji Kempo is to Rebuilding yourself, and by doing so, you rebuild society. To do so, someone has to open a path: Shorinji Kempo started as an attempt to make people who would open the path, or in a word, “leaders” (Shidosha).  No Desire to Assemble a bunch of small fry.  I have said this from the beginning, I have no desire to assemble a bunch of small fry.

This path that I am commending to you is one that I have taken and experienced.  I have been using the phrase, “return to the origin,” and you should all be completely clear by now about the motivation I had for starting Shorinji Kempo.

the path by kaiso


Sensei Kirtie, always recalled Kaiso Doshin So’s words by asking, ‘What is your purpose in Shorinji Kempo?’  Frequently he would ask this during ‘Gakka’ (informal talk/discussion, after martial training).  He urged his students to thread the path of Shorinji Kempo as Kaiso defined it. To keep the teachings in its pure and original state and live each day as a ‘Shidosha’.  “This way we can improve our society and our mother land”, Sensei Kirtie said.

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