Bodhi Dharma

25 October 2014
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Kongo Zen – The Lost Buddhism of Tenjiku

25 October 2014, Comments: 2

Buddhism was originally created in Tenjiku, and gradually spread to China.  Over the passage of time, superstition and rituals became more important than the […]

12 April 2014
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Introduction to Seiho – Healing Science

12 April 2014, Comments: 1

Kaiso Doshin So, took the various martial techniques and the philosophical teachings of Buddha and Bodhidharma which he had learnt in China and organized them into […]

27 May 2013
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ARAHAN NO KEN (Chinese: A Luo Han Zhi Quan)

27 May 2013, Comments: 1

   A Chinese martial art of the Northern Shaolin Style (Jap: Kita Shorinji Giwamon Ken or Chinese: Bei Shaolin si Ihomen xi) that So […]

26 May 2013
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Arahan Chuan – The Ken studied by Kaiso Doshin So

26 May 2013, Comments: 2

The Ken I studied as a Buddhist religious discipline in China originated in India, and is known as the Arahan Chuan of Northern Shaolin […]