Nirbhaya - Avoid Sexual Assault Fearlessly

24 October 2014
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24 October 2014, Comments: 1

If an attacker manages to corner you, either to rob you, beat you or sexually assault you, he expects to be hit back.  But he expects the blows to be too feeble to do him much harm.  At worst they will be an inconvenience, at best they may not materialize at all.  This makes a lot of difference to the way a male attacker approaches a woman.

However big and confident he may be, he knows that when dealing with other men, the capacity for violence is always present.  He doesn’t feel the same way about a woman.  He feels more than a physical match for her and his worst fear is that she will scream so loudly, she will attract help before he can complete the attack.  This means he is likely to go in much closer to a woman than a man.  He is quite likely to walk up to you, grab you with one arm and try to rip your bag away with the other.

This kind of attack will probably be accompanied by verbal threats to ‘smash’ you, or kill you if you try to resist.  Your attacker has caught hold of you either by your shoulder, your arm, or by the strap of your handbag.

Don’t be intimidated.  If you are gripped like this, try to slip into the psychological trick of thinking: ‘O great, I’ve got him,’ rather than: ‘Oh help, he’s going to hurt me.’  This mere mental trick can help you.  If you welcome something, however awful it is, knowing you can overcome it, the confidence you feel will help you to save your life.  And in this kind of situation you cannot afford not to.

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    Every Woman and men should know this Physiological Trick of thinking “O Great,I’ve got him” rather than Oh help he is going to hurt me’This mere mental trick can help all Very useful & must know trick ‘

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