India celebrates world's first "SHORINJIKEMPO DAY"

16 August 2015
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16 August 2015, Comments: 4

Kongo Zen ShorinjiKempo was founded in Shikoku, Japan by Founder Doshin So (Family name: Nakano Michiomi).  40 years later, Kongo Zen ShorinjiKempo  was brought to India in the year 1987 by Sensei Kirtie Kumar Futnani.  2015 marks the 69th year since Kongo Zen Shorinji Kemnpo was established by Kaiso Doshin So.  2015 is marks the silver jubilee of Sensei Maxwell Jude Anthony in Kongo Zen Shorinji Kempo.

Kongo Zen Shorinji Kempo India has decided to celebrate in a grand way, by establishing world’s first “SHORINJI KEMPO DAY” and the historic event is to be celebrated on 22nd August, Saturday, 2015 at TNCA Club, Cheapauk, Chennai 600 005. An estimated 160 members and relatives will join in this celebration.

Chief Guest & Special Guests

Mr.Senthamarai Kannan, Additional Superintendent of Police, Trichy Prison, has consented to be the Chief Guest on this occasion. We take pride in saying that Mr.Senthamarai Kannan is also a member of ShorinjiKempo India.

Mr.Samir Kumar Sharma and Mr.Niranjan Arcot has consented to grace the occasion as our Special Guest of Honor.  Mr.Samir Kumar Sharma is the first generation of Students under Sensei Kirtie and happens to be the teacher of Sensei Maxwell as well.  Mr.Niranjan Arcot has also studied under Sensei Kirtie.  We are happy to have the august presence of the Special Guests on this occasion.

“Shidosha Award” – Instituted for the first time in the World

Kongo Zen Shorinji Kempo India, takes pride in instituting “Shidosha Award” for the first time in the World.  On this historic occasion, Shidosha Award will be issued in the following categories:

1.  For Founding Kongo Zen Shorinji Kempo in India – Goes to Sensei Kirtie Kumar Futnani

2.  For Best Supporting Family – Goes to Mahendhran M. – Vijaya Sridevi – Abinash Barath

3.  For Founding Kutastha Public Charitable Trust – Goes to C.V.Ramakrishanan, Arul Selvam, Ashok Raju

4.  For Best Teacher in Shorinji Kempo – Goes to Anthony Fredrick Frank, Srinivasagopalan Narasimhan, Vijay K.

India celebrates SHORINJI KEMPO DAY. Join us in this celebration.



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4 responses on “India celebrates world’s first “SHORINJIKEMPO DAY”

  1. c.v.ramakrishnan says:

    CONGRATS & All the Best for Shorinji Kempo Day 2015 Let us all Make it Happen in a Grand WAY

  2. Dr Jagdeep Singh says:

    Wishing all the sensei and kenshi in India and around the world all the best of life that Shorinji can give to them. Good bless.

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