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10 September 2016
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10 September 2016, Comments: 0

oc-children-groupDoshin So (宗道臣 Sō Dōshin) (born Michiomi Nakano (中野道臣 Nakano Michiomi)), was a Japanese soldier and martial artist. He is most known as the creator and founder of Shorinji Kempo and the doctrine KongoZen (金剛禅Kongō Zen?). Practitioners of Shorinji Kempo refer to him as Kaiso, Japanese for “the founder”. Doshin So always wanted his art “Shorinjikempo” to build people of true courage, foster peace and act with decorum.  Well, his dreams still come true.

Here is an inspiring story from Shorinjikempo Orange County club, this September 2016:

In the pursuit of always giving back to society we live in, Orange County Shorinji Kempo Branch launched a Wellness program! Inspired by true events of a mother and daughter (10 yrs old) living in a van for 4 years. Orange County branch decided to make Wellness Packages which contain bandages, soap, toothbrushes, hand sanitizer, granola bars and face wash towels to give to people in need. 10 Shorinji Kempo families were handed the Wellness packages so they in turn go seek out people that could utilize the items to better maintain their health and wellbeing,” narrates Pankaj Rastogi, branch master.

Pankaj Rastogi sensei further adds, “To create a society who always thinks about others is at the essence of Shorinji Kempo. Half for one’s own happiness, and half for the happiness of others.” 


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