Fundamentals of Shiatsu and Reflex-therapy (Seiho)

11 June 2015
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11 June 2015, Comments: 0

Sakyamuni Buddha explained the science of healing, which is the foundation of ShorinjiKempo’s Seiho.  Sakyamuni said that everything begins with a Consciousness.

In spite of precautions and remedies diseases sometimes occur and linger.   This is due to the mental pattern of habits which we form as per our character.  The habits can be good for us or act against us as in disease conditions. Habit is an acquired aptitude or inclination to a particular action, instilled by repetition.   Habits pick up a particular emotional quality which a person gets attached too often. By repetition of such habitual emotions, diseases gradually creep in.

Sakyamuni Buddha explained the science of healing, which is the foundation of ShorinjiKempo’s Seiho.  Sakyamuni said that everything begins with a consciousness.  This consciousness brings the first formation of thoughts which springs from the bio-energy (prana/chi/ki) of the human body. From this formation of thoughts comes the respective perception of us and our world at large.  The perception brings with it various sensations which we experience through the sensory organs of the human body.  Sakyamuni Buddha thus grouped these 4 elemental vibrations as mental vibrations (Consciousness, Formation (thoughts), Perception and Sensation).  He further said that these 4 elemental vibrations are enacted on the 1 physical element, Rupa (gross physical vibration that manifests as a tangible human body).

Thus, there are five fields of vibration and each field has its own elemental vibrations which in turn manifests as the visceral organs, the working of which determines health or sickness.

Skhandas (Fields) Elemental Vibration Visceral Organ
Consciousness Ether Liver – Gall Bladder
Formation (thoughts) Air Lungs – Large Intestine
Perception Fire Heart – Small Intestine
Sensation Water Kidney – Urinary Bladder
Form (physical body) Earth Spleen – Stomach


Emotions are personalized thoughts reacting to the materialized ideas of God’s creation. These sensory-conditioned feelings are man’s own ideas, the outcome of his individualized interrelation with the materialized ideas of God.

As ego, manipulated by the sense mind, it reacts emotionally and unwisely in response to the circumambient relativity.  Emotions are finite ideas; they are fleeting, moving along and changing in time and space.

Out of the various emotions, the feeling of grief, sadness, and sorrow affects the person tremendously by creating depression and stress.  The person suffers from withdrawal syndromes and breaks the inter-personal-relationship in the family and society.  This causes stagnation of the humors and swells the body with fluids.  This is why a person becomes obese, lethargic and static.  There is no more joy in the person and so they are not alive but continue to live.  Worst still, when fractures and dislocations happen, it is almost impossible for the person to get out of bed.

Shiatsu and Reflexology is very helpful in such cases.  Take for example the case in this video (, who perfectly matches the topic of discussion here.  The treatment is called “Leg irrigation”. A lot of vibration of the legs is performed and in a sustained manner.  The spaces in between the metatarsal-phalangeal joints are irrigated with the technique called ‘caterpillar walk’.  The entire legs are patted frequently by cupping the palm.  Such rigorous patting helps to stir up the pent up emotions and sensations in the body.  After a good 2 hour session of Shiatsu and Reflextherapy, performed each day routinely, the person is bound to let go the suppressed energy and toxins.

By the use of such therapy, the person learns to rely more on the power of the mind and do not depend solely on the pills.  If the person depends too much on material methods, the mind will not work.  It is better to learn how to use the superior power of the mind.

Every practitioner of ShorinjiKempo can benefit by learning the teachings of Kaiso Doshin So as preserved in the Kyohan (Master Text).


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