Children and Shorinjikempo; What's it like?

14 September 2016
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14 September 2016, Comments: 0

A new breed of children are emerging within Shorinji Kempo India.  These children show a fine balance both within and without.  Sensei Maxwell noticed the first signs  when children asked questions which are very peculiar and not heard even in adult batches.  These children shun violence and want to know how to stop it.  Children are not interested in just protecting themselves, but very much interested in stopping violence in society at large.

When Maxwell sensei explains the 6 characteristics of Shorinji Kempo, the children are keen on practicing what they just heard.  Children mean business when it comes to Shorinji Kempo.  Children want to know how to calm the heart, how to be brave from within, how to protect self and the opponent who does not know the harm he is about to inflict.  As a result, Shorinjikempo classes imbibe training in meditation (kongo zen), in special martial breathing (chinkon gyo) and in spiritual martial training that advocates non-violence in a violent situation.

Behind these children who are shaping a new age of ‘non-violence’ are their parents.  One among the parents is Anjali Agarwal who has taken up Shorinjikempo to mean it.  Anjali Agarwal is an ardent lover of ‘peace and harmony’ and is a strong supporter of ShorinjiKempo.

It’s true what Kirtie Futnani sensei said, “Shorinjikempo is not to compete with each other but to complete each other.”

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