Shorinji Kempo

19 October 2013
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The First Journey on the Path – By Kaiso Doshin So

19 October 2013, Comments: 0

When someone walks 10,000 steps, he can walk in circles or walk towards Tokyo.  Why am I going, and where?  These must be decided […]

18 October 2013
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The Path, Return to the Origin – By Kaiso Doshin So

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The motivation I had for starting Shorinji Kempo is to Rebuilding yourself, and by doing so, you rebuild society. To do so, someone has […]

16 October 2013
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Kaiso Doshin So, explains Shorinji Kempo

16 October 2013, Comments: 1

To go beyond oneself and become capable of thinking at least half for the feelings and happiness of others. That is the way it should […]

16 October 2013
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The Mission of Kongo school of Zen – By Kaiso Doshin So

16 October 2013, Comments: 3

To avoid extremism and think for the benefit of others and the World at large, was the sole mission of one man from a […]

10 October 2013
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On how Doshin So formed ‘Kongo school of Zen’!

10 October 2013, Comments: 2

ORIGINS OF MOVING MEDITATION IN SHORINJI KEMPO Buddhist teaching is unusual for a “religion” in that it does not require belief in God – […]