Shorinji Kempo

23 October 2013
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Kaiso’s Leaders : Sensei Indra Kartasasmita and Indonesia

23 October 2013, Comments: 0

Shorinji Kempo is the best way to educate people so that they will acquire the spirit of never giving up and never losing, they […]

22 October 2013
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An Encounter with Kaiso Doshin So – By Sensei Sanada Tamao

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Kaiso was no ordinary martial arts teacher.  He would discuss politics, economics and society.  Doshin So Sensei was entirely distinct. After I entered high […]

20 October 2013
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The Way We Ought to be! – By Kaiso Doshin So

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So, at this vital time, how are we doing? How well have we understood Shorinji Kempo’s Campaign, the way we ought to be according […]

20 October 2013
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The Object of Human Reconstruction – by Kaiso Doshin So

20 October 2013, Comments: 2

Indonesia, America, France, and Singapore; for the past several years Shorinji Kempo has been making a high tempo expansion overseas. What this means is […]

19 October 2013
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Being the first rotten apple – By Kaiso Doshin So

19 October 2013, Comments: 0

It’s true for both apples and tangerines, but one always spoils first.  After that, they start to rot beginning with those next to the […]