Self defense

23 May 2013
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Self defense ability – Awareness

23 May 2013, Comments: 1

There are three aspects of self-dense ability: knowledge, awareness and physical ability to defend oneself. With knowledge of the self-defense situation you will know […]

23 April 2013
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Stages of Confrontation

23 April 2013, Comments: 1

To be effective in self defense you have to learn to function at all stages of the confrontation, since it is not you who […]

23 March 2013
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Self defense when “attacked”

23 March 2013, Comments: 0

When attacked, you can avoid, control or incapacitate the assailant. A look at the self-dense situation soon shows that it is not possible to rely on […]

23 February 2013
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All you need to know about Violence

23 February 2013, Comments: 1

Few studies of violence reveal that the violent sex is the male, especially younger men. Violence tends to happen more in the summer, at […]

22 October 2012
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Stop being a Victim

22 October 2012, Comments: 0

The chances are that YOU will find yourself the victim of a violent assault at some time! Self defense begins with awareness of the […]