11 June 2015
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Fundamentals of Shiatsu and Reflex-therapy (Seiho)

11 June 2015, Comments: 0

Sakyamuni Buddha explained the science of healing, which is the foundation of ShorinjiKempo’s Seiho.  Sakyamuni said that everything begins with a Consciousness. In spite […]

15 April 2014
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Shogyo Mujo – Diagnostic Principles in Seiho

15 April 2014, Comments: 0

 No matter how powerful humans become, we cannot change the laws of the universe; the consequences of our actions are as certain as the […]

12 April 2014
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Introduction to Seiho – Healing Science

12 April 2014, Comments: 1

Kaiso Doshin So, took the various martial techniques and the philosophical teachings of Buddha and Bodhidharma which he had learnt in China and organized them into […]

4 February 2014
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The Science of Reflexology

4 February 2014, Comments: 1

The human body has an intelligent system of communication.  Understanding the language of human body is fundamental to understanding reflexology. If disease has a […]