25 October 2014
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Kongo Zen Shorinji Kempo – Return of Bodhidarma

25 October 2014, Comments: 1

The Ken I studied as a Buddhist discipline in China originated in India, and is known as the Arahan Chuan of Northern Shaolin Yihemen […]

25 October 2014
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Kongo Zen – The Lost Buddhism of Tenjiku

25 October 2014, Comments: 2

Buddhism was originally created in Tenjiku, and gradually spread to China.  Over the passage of time, superstition and rituals became more important than the […]

23 October 2014
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KongoZen: Buddha & Kandha Mandha Yoga

23 October 2014, Comments: 2

The Four Truths were explained  by Buddha immediately after he gained what is translated as “enlightenment.” They are as follows: Truth of Suffering Truth […]

21 October 2014
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Kongo Zen: The Middle Path of Spiritual Battle

21 October 2014, Comments: 0

KONGO ZEN’S MIDDLE PATH   To understand the middle path, we need to explore certain terms that originated in ancient India. The above explains […]

20 October 2014
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Evolution of Kongo Zen in Ancient India

20 October 2014, Comments: 1

Please refer: http://shorinjikempo.org.in/da-school-ancient-india/ The Yogis of ancient India discerned the mysteries of creation.  The self realized Yogis knew for certain the metaphysics wherein, God became […]