There are five distinct organixzations directly concerned with Shorinji Kempo, and together they form the Shorinji Kempo Group, whichis presided over by Yuuki So (Shorinji Kempo Shike, Doshin So II).

The Shorinji Kempo Group’s purpose is to ensure that the teachings and techniques founded by Kaiso Doshin so continue to be handed down and developed properly in the 21st century.  Thus it aims to have each organization keep a firm grasp on its particular characteristics, while maintaining good cooperation, spreading the teachings, developing educational activities, and contributing to society by developing people that society will find essential.


  1. Foundation, Shorinji Kempo Federation. Purpose: To spread Shorinji Kempo in Japan.
  2. Kongo Zen Sohonzan Shorinji. Purpose: To enlighten pupils based on the teachings of Kongo Zen and on disciplined practice of Shorinji Kempo.
  3. World Shorinji Kempo Organization.  Purpose: Unifies and supports efforts to spread Shorinji Kempo in globally.
  4. Zenrin Gakuin. Purpose: This college educates members of society in leadership qualities needed to contribute to general social well being.
  5. Shorinji Kempo Unity. Purpose: Administers and protects Shorinji Kempo’s intellectual property.