About Us - India

Shorinji Kempo was brought to India by Sensei Kirtie Kumar Futnani in the year 1987.  Sensei Kirtie Kumar Futnani joined the World Shorinji Kempo Organization in the year 1982, and after extensive years of training in the art of self dense and healing, returned to India and launched India’s first Shorinji Kempo dojo at #13, Commander-in-Chief road, Egmore, Chennai 600 008

Sensei Kirtie Kumar Futnani served Shorinji Kempo India for the period 1988~1994.

He was succeeded by his student Sensei Ambrose Muruganand, who served Shorinji Kempo India for the period 1995~1999.  During this period Sensei Maxwell assisted Sensei Muruganand as Technical Coach.

Sensei Maxwell Jude Anthony, took over the reigns of Shorinji Kempo India, since 1999 and is currently the Country Head – India