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Founded in Japan in 1947 by So Doshin, Shorinji Kempo is a way of developing individuals. It is a unique combination of the philosophy, mastery of techniques, and the education system. Through learning the philosophy, students are taught how to nurture their own body and mind, help each other, and live happily together. “Mastery of techniques” enables students to enjoy advancement and growth of themselves and their partners. “Education system” combines this philosophy and mastery of techniques into an effective, mutually reinforcing spiral.

A man is, by birth, capable of growing in any direction. Shorinji Kempo aims to nurture individuals striving to upgrade themselves with a strong belief in their potential who can take action in cooperation with others to build a peaceful society that would be both materially and spiritually rich.

Motivation and Goals of Founding SHORINJI KEMPO

Amidst the postwar turmoil, So Doshin, Kaiso or founder of Shorinji Kempo, discovered that events were greatly affected by the character and way of thinking of leaders. Accordingly, Kaiso defined that leadership should be based on confidence, courage, and vigor. Determined to develop as many individuals as possible who could properly exercise leadership in creating a peaceful and rich society, So Doshin started giving the youth, who were at a loss as to their hopes and life goals in such turmoil, lectures on how to live richly as well as techniques that would effectively nurture their bodies and self-confidence. So Doshin founded Shorinji Kempo in order to develop socially useful individuals with self-confidence, courage, and vigor by drawing out their pride and conviction and the awareness of a man’s inherent potential through lectures and training.

Shoriniji Kempo was introduced to the world by Doshin So in Japan in a strife-torn environment of injustice, poverty and unwarranted violence that was seen after the atomic destruction inflicted upon the country during World War II. Towards restoration of his country, he taught this discipline to the young people he gathered to instill in them a sense of courage, strength, mercy and a sense of justice. He thus made the way for people to learn to establish mutual trust & co-operation to build the core of a peaceful and prosperous society.

So Doshin adapted the martial techniques of Arahan no Ken which he studied in China to form the core of Shorinji Kempo. These techniques were taught to be used to learn self-control, physical and mental balance and mutual growth through practice. Mastery of this art form requires discipline and the ability to work with others and is uniquely made suitable for much enjoyable practice by everyone, young and old.

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