• Seiho – Reflexology

    World's first braille book on Reflexology. Designed and Developed by Shorinji Kempo -India. Reflexology Vocational Training Course provided by Shorinji Kempo India is approved by the 'Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment', India.

  • Japanese System of Varma Adi Murai

    Modern and Up-to-date Martial Art for all Age Group. Does not rely on muscular strength. Works entirely on Human Anatomy & Acupressure Points.

  • Give your Child, Shorinji Kempo

    Shorinji Kempo is a good educational system for Children. Shorinji Kempo gives the Children : Good Health & Fitness | Self Development |Self Defense

  • Shorinji Kempo India

    Watch Shorinji Kempo movement in India. Courtesy NDTV-HINDU

  • So Doshin

    So Doshin

    Founder of Shorinji Kempo, Non-Violent and Complete Martial Art. "The person, the person, the person - everything depends on the quality of the person!"

Acupressure & Reflexology
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Acupressure & Reflexology

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For Self defense and Self development

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    #4/375, 4th Street, Swamynathan Nagar, Kottivakkam, Chennai 600 041 Batch Timings: Mornings :  6.30 am ~ 7.30 am (Shorinji Kempo) | Tue-Thu-Sat 10.00 am […]


    Academy of Modern Danse, #74, Kasturi Rangan Road, Alwarpet, Chennai 600 018 Batch Timings: Mornings:    6.00 am ~ 6.45 am | 7.00 ~ […]


    #10/#18, Muthumariamman Kovil Street, Nelvayal Nagar, Perambur, Chennai 600011. Batch Timings: Mornings : 6.00am~7.00am Children Batch: 5.00pm~6.00pm Evenings : 6.00pm~8.00pm  

Our Courses in Healing

Welcome to Astro-Medical Diagnosis Course. This is a 3 months course. You will practically have hands-on experience in using the Buddhist healing methods to diagnose a patient accurately.

The world is awakening, the old order is passing, worn-out traditions that are no longer applicable to present conditions must be replaced by new.

Radical and fundamental changes stare us in the face on all sides. Science, philosophy, religion, bodies politic and social all are being shaken from their very foundations to be rebuilt anew.

A human being is a human being because an intelligent force is guiding to some definite destiny. The laws of the Cosmos are the laws of human being.
More and more you will come to realize that man is a soul, but has a body. The Soul, as Spirit’s reflection identifies with the three bodies (ideational, astral, and physical), and their normal and abnormal conditions, takes on their natures.