• Seiho – Reflexology

    World's first braille book on Reflexology. Designed and Developed by Shorinji Kempo -India. Reflexology Vocational Training Course provided by Shorinji Kempo India is approved by the 'Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment', India.

  • Japanese System of Varma Adi Murai

    Modern and Up-to-date Martial Art for all Age Group. Does not rely on muscular strength. Works entirely on Human Anatomy & Acupressure Points.

  • Give your Child, Shorinji Kempo

    Shorinji Kempo is a good educational system for Children. Shorinji Kempo gives the Children : Good Health & Fitness | Self Development |Self Defense

  • Shorinji Kempo India

    Watch Shorinji Kempo movement in India. Courtesy NDTV-HINDU

  • So Doshin

    So Doshin

    Founder of Shorinji Kempo, Non-Violent and Complete Martial Art. "The person, the person, the person - everything depends on the quality of the person!"

Acupressure & Reflexology
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Acupressure & Reflexology

Learn Shorinji Kempo
For Self defense and Self development

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    #4/375, 4th Street, Swamynathan Nagar, Kottivakkam, Chennai 600 041 Batch Timings: Mornings :  6.30 am ~ 7.30 am (Shorinji Kempo) | Tue-Thu-Sat 10.00 am […]


    Academy of Modern Danse, #74, Kasturi Rangan Road, Alwarpet, Chennai 600 018 Batch Timings: Mornings:    6.00 am ~ 6.45 am | 7.00 ~ […]


    #10/#18, Muthumariamman Kovil Street, Nelvayal Nagar, Perambur, Chennai 600011. Batch Timings: Mornings : 6.00am~7.00am Children Batch: 5.00pm~6.00pm Evenings : 6.00pm~8.00pm  

Our Courses in Healing

Welcome to Astro-Medical Diagnosis Course. This is a 3 months course. You will practically have hands-on experience in using the Buddhist healing methods to diagnose a patient accurately.

Welcome to our Alternate-2-Medicine course. This is a 3 months practical course in the art of healing. You will learn Shiatsu, Cranial Therapy, Vertebral Therapy, and Balancing the vital energy in the Central and Peripheral energy meridians.